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Legal service of companies is delegation of part of functions or legal affairs of a company to a professional law firm or an experienced specialist. Today, this service is used by most business representatives, including large corporations and small companies.

What does the legal support service include?

  • Providing of legal advice
  • Support of corporate procedures
  • Conducting contractual work (including drafting bilingual contracts)
  • Litigation work
  • Representation of a company interests in either state bodies or courts
  • Support of customs procedures and foreign economic activity
  • Support of corporate transactions and M&A
  • Legal Due Diligence
  • Support of real estate issues
  • Support in labour and migration law
Valentina Hlavich
Managing Partner
  • Certified Lawyer in the Russian Federation
  • She studied at the University of Passau, Germany
  • Foreign languages: English, German
  • Since 2007 – Lawyer at Beiten Burkhardt
  • Since 2012 – Managing Partner of VALEN

Since 2019 in the list

Our principles:

  • Operational work.
    We respond quickly to any questions and difficulties of our clients.
  • Confidentiality.
    We do not disclose information to third parties. Especially for legal and commercial information.
  • Professionalism.
    All our employees have proper qualifications, experience and desire to help our client qualitatively.

The price of legal support of a business consists of the following items:

  • The complexity and an amount of the proposed work.
  • The complexity of the procedures required to provide the service.
  • Provision of legal services in English.
  • Documents and information to be analyzed.
  • A necessity to interact with notaries, government agencies, courts, etc.
  • Availability of additional services

The final price of legal services for legal entities depends on all these factors and can be negotiated individually with each client.

The reasons why you should choose VALEN for legal support?

  • We have extensive experience in legal support of legal entities.
  • We provide a wide range of services — from corporate law to support in courts.
  • We provide legal services in English.
  • We carefully study each case and provide an individual approach to a client.
  • We work promptly with any client's request and ensure the result in the shortest possible time.

Our clients and partners

Features of legal services for small and medium-sized businesses

We will take over:

  • Execution of legal expertise of contracts
  • Verification of counterparties
  • Drafting of claims and statements of claim
  • Collecting of overdue debts
  • Assistance in preparation of tender documentation
  • Representation of interests in public authorities — Federal Tax Service, FAS, FSSP and others
  • Informing about current changes in legislation
  • Support during tax and other inspections
  • Preparation of legal opinions
  • Providing recommendations on reducing of various risks
  • Representation of clients’ interests in either arbitration or general courts

Advantages of legal services from Valen:

  • We save our clients' funds.
    Companies can remove salaries of a legal department, as well as bonuses and other payments from expenses. Additionally, there is no need to design a workplace, which is mandatory for every employee. Usually, such expenses are significant for each company. Applying for legal support of enterprises reduces costs significantly.
  • We provide turnkey services.
    If a full-time employee can quit or go on sick leave at any time, then our specialists will stay with you at any time. We work under a contract, where we prescribe uninterrupted provision of services. Even if the lawyer accompanying the firm cannot advise you, we will provide another specialist.
  • High quality services
    We value the time and money of our clients, so we provide quality services. Our specialists always get deep into the essence of a problem in details and study clients documents.
  • Only experienced lawyers
    Our employees consist of competent and experienced specialists who improve their qualifications with a certain frequency. They know how to act competently and promptly.
  • We provide services of various range.
    The involvement of specialists of different profiles allows you to professionally deal with any problem.

Do you need a company legal support service? Call us at +7 (495) 7-888-096. Our specialist will conduct an initial consultation and offer different options for our collaboration.

Leading Lawyers

Valentina Khlavich
Managing Partner
Denis Bondarev
Head of Operations
Irina Girgushkina
Head of legal
Dmitry Kofanov
Valentina Khlavich
Managing Partner

Law degree in the Russian Federation

Studied at the University of Passau, Germany

Foreign Languages: English, German

Since 2007 a lawyer in Beiten Burkhardt lawfirm

Since 2012 founder and managing partner at VALEN

Our specialists
Denis Bondarev
Head of Operations

Graduated from People’s Friendship University of Russia (RUDN)

Certified Lawyer in the Russian Federation, Master of law (International law)

Foreign languages: English

5+ years of legal experience in consulting  lawfirms and inhouse practices

Since 2023 —Director of Operations at Valen Group

Our specialists
Irina Girgushkina
Head of legal

Graduated Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO)

RANEPA at the President of the Russian Federation

Certified Lawyer in the Russian Federation, Master of Law (Corporate Law)

Foreign languages: English, French

4+ years in corporate law consulting

Since 2022 –Head of legal at Valen Group

Our specialists
Dmitry Kofanov

Certified Lawyer in the Russian Federation

Experience since 2003 – in Russian and foreign law firms

Since 2021 – partner at VALEN

Our specialists

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