Legal support for the purchase and sale of land plots

When purchasing or selling land plots, both for individuals and companies, legal support is an integral part of the process. It is necessary to ensure the security of the transaction, protect the rights and interests of the parties, as well as comply with the law. Specialists know firsthand the importance of legal support for the purchase and sale of land, so they can offer a full range of services to support land transactions.

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The procedure for legal support of a land purchase and sale transaction

  1. Preparation for the transaction.

It is necessary to analyze the legal status of the land plot. Lawyers will check the documents confirming the seller’s ownership, the presence of encumbrances, as well as the compliance of the land’s purpose with the planned goals. This allows to the client to eliminate possible obstacles to the transaction.

  1. Signing the contract.

After the successful completion of the preparatory stage, the parties sign a purchase/sale agreement, which must be legally correct, take into account all conditions and comply with current legislation.

  1. Registration of the transaction.

The transaction is registered in accordance with the laws and regulations of the country. Law firms can help to collect the necessary documents and carry out registration.

  1. Distribution of finances.

Determining the order of distribution of funds between the seller and the buyer is an important point. Lawyers will help the client to be in touch with all the rules and warn him against possible violations.

  1. Paperwork.

VALEN Group lawyers will take care of the correct execution of all documents related to the transaction. The process includes the preparation and signing of acceptance certificates and other necessary papers.

  1. Completion of the transaction.

Lawyers carry out a final check of compliance with all the terms of the transaction, after which it is considered completed. The buyer receives ownership of the land plot.

The cost of legal assistance in the framework of the purchase and sale of a land plot

The price of a lawyer’s services depends on several factors:

  • The area of the land plot.
  • Type of land.
  • The cadastral value of the land plot.
  • The need to apply for a loan or obtain a loan.
  • The complexity of the case, including the presence of encumbrances.

Who is suitable for the service of legal support in the purchase and sale of land?

  • To the seller of the land plot. It is important that all documents are executed correctly. The transaction must take place legally, and all the conditions of the contract must be fulfilled.
  • To the buyer. When acquiring land for any purpose, the buyer must make sure that there are no encumbrances or other restrictions on the transaction. This is important to reduce the risks of litigation.
  • To an individual. A person may not have the knowledge or competence to make a complex transaction.
  • Companies or sole proprietors. It is more profitable to use the services of an outsourcing lawyer than to hire a professional person for this purpose.
  • The future bankrupt. VALEN Group’s lawyers are helping to sell the land as part of the bankruptcy. This complex and responsible process requires attention to legal nuances.

How is the service provided?

In different situations, the sale and purchase of a land plot can be complicated due to many financial and legal issues. A lawyer who specializes in bankruptcy and real estate, protects the interests of the seller and helps to comply with the law when conducting a transaction.

Before starting the sale process, lawyers conduct a thorough analysis of the seller’s legal standing. This includes checking for encumbrances on the site, assessing ownership rights, as well as identifying all aspects of bankruptcy and the impact of this situation on the transaction.

Law firms are responsible to correct execution of the necessary legal documents. This includes compliance with legislation and standards in the framework of the sale of land for any purpose.

What can law firms offer to the customers?

  • Preparation of the purchase and sale agreement.
  • Drawing up an act of acceptance and transfer of a land plot.
  • Full compliance with registration procedures and various legal formalities.
  • Checking the seller and the presence of encumbrances.
  • Representation of the client’s interests in public authorities.
  • Consultations on a wide range of issues before and after the transaction.
  • Conducting negotiations with creditors and the buyer.
  • Assistance in obtaining a loan or signing a loan agreement.
  • Registration of related documentation.
  • Resolution of disputes and conflict situations.

Advantages of land purchase and sale within the framework of legal support services

  • Cooperation with experienced and qualified lawyers. VALEN Group has about 10 years of successful practice in our arsenal, several hundred successfully transferred land transactions and won court hearings.
  • Getting comprehensive information. There is checking not just the transaction, but the entire history of land transactions. It is necessary to use information from trusted sources to identify hidden risks.
  • Quality assurance.
  • Provision of necessary services.
  • Transparent operation. The client can contact the lawyer at any time and check the progress of the process.
  • Ensuring confidentiality if necessary.

Legal subscription assistance in the purchase and sale of land is an important component of the process. When faced with bankruptcy or when selling a land plot in difficult legal conditions, it is necessary to seek help from VALEN Group lawyers. Lawyers specialize in land law, which helps to make transactions successfully and legally. Firm can ensure the protection of the seller’s rights and interests, compliance with the law and successful completion of the transaction.

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