Legal services in the field of copyright

Copyright is a legal system that recognizes and protects the rights of authors to their intellectual property. It provides authors with the exclusive right to control the use and distribution of their creative works. Within the framework of copyright, various categories of intellectual property are included – literary, artistic, musical, dramatic and cinematographic works, as well as software, inventions, business models, designs and more.

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In case of copyright infringement, it is necessary to seek the help of qualified lawyers. VALEN specialists protect the interests of authors and owners of intellectual property rights. We carry out comprehensive work, which includes an analysis of the actual circumstances of the violation, the study of legal aspects, the development of a protection strategy and other work necessary to protect the rights of authors.

Legal services in the field of copyright

Copyright gives authors the opportunity to control the use of their works, as well as to receive income from their use. It ensures their rights to create copies, perform, perform, publicly display, lease, translate, adapt and other essential aspects of the use of their work.

A copyright lawyer provides the following services to authors:

  • Detailed investigation and clarification of the circumstances of copyright infringement. We examine all available evidence, including contracts, witness statements, or digital footprints. Such an analysis allows you to assess the scale of the violation and create an accurate picture of the violations.
  • Legal expertise to determine the legality of the actions of a third party and the existence of an actual violation of the law. We will examine the copyright documents and license agreements, compare the violated material with the original and establish the existence and extent of the violation of legal protection.
  • Development of a strategy to protect the interests of the client. We will use various methods, including drafting claims and statements of claim. Copyright lawyers will also negotiate with the infringer or his representatives and take over the conduct of legal proceedings if necessary. We prepare arguments based on the norms of the law and judicial practice. This helps to prove copyright infringement.

The advantage of legal services in copyright law

VALEN’s lawyers, who protect clients in case of copyright infringement, play an important role in ensuring that the rule of law is respected and intellectual property rights are protected. Our comprehensive approach and professional expertise allow us to achieve justice and protect the rights of authors and copyright holders.

Contacting our copyright lawyers has the following advantages:

  • Protection of the rights and interests of authors. We work directly with authors and copyright holders, representing their interests in court, arbitration and other legal procedures. We protect the rights of authors to use and benefit from their creative work.
  • Prevention of violations. We help prevent copyright infringement by providing advice and recommendations on compliance with copyright law. We will develop a strategy to protect and prevent violations, as well as provide advice on licensing and contracts.
  • Dispute resolution. We will help resolve disputes related to copyright. We will represent the client’s interests in court or arbitration, as well as help to negotiate a peaceful agreement between the parties.
  • Ensuring compliance with the law. We are monitoring changes in legislation and will ensure that copyright is respected. We will also assist in the development of copyright-related policies and procedures, as well as provide advice on compliance issues.
  • Protection of intellectual property. We will help protect intellectual property through registration of copyrights, trademarks and patents, as well as provide legal protection and assistance in case of intellectual property infringement.

The assistance of VALEN lawyers plays an important role in protecting the rights of authors and copyright holders. Our specialists ensure compliance with the law, preventing violations and helping to resolve various disputes. Copyright protection is ineffective without professional support and expertise.

Who is the service suitable for?

  • Copyright holders of the developed product or intangible work
  • Owners of a patent for an invention
  • Developers of a product that is just about to enter the market

The cost of legal services

The price of legal services is calculated individually for each client. The cost depends on the following factors:

  • The complexity of the work
  • A set of necessary services
  • The number of copyright objects for which expertise is needed
  • The need to represent the client’s interests in court or other bodies

How are copyrights violated?

The Civil Code of the Russian Federation prohibits the use of an object of copyright for commercial and other purposes without obtaining the consent of the author or copyright holder. An example of unauthorized use may be:

  • Production of copies of the work in any material form
  • Public display of the work
  • Public performance of the work
  • Any use without attribution or obtaining the consent of the copyright holder

Among the exceptions are the dissemination of a work for informational, scientific, educational or cultural purposes. In all other cases, the absence of the author’s consent is a violation of copyright.

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