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In the modern business community, almost no company can carry out business activities without resorting to legal and accounting services provided by professionals in their field of activity. 

Legal and accounting services allow to solve a wide range of tasks that any company faces in the course of conducting business, which can include:

  • accounting;
  • verification of the counterparty company;
  • drafting and legal expertise of the contract;
  • pre-trial and judicial protection of company’s interests;
  • legal support of activities.

What is the reason for the need to contact specialized companies that provide legal and accounting services? The most significant factor is the need to comply with many legal requirements, violation of which can lead to negative consequences, since the implementation of business activities is possible only in strict accordance with the norms of the law.

In addition, the use of legal and accounting services allows the client company to save money and get instant highly qualified assistance on a particular issue.

VALEN lawyers and accountants are ready to provide a full range of services related to legal and accounting support of the company’s activities. The list of accounting services, in particular, includes:

  • audit of financial statements;
  • organization or restoration of accounting records;
  • preparation of financial and tax reports;
  • preparation and submission of reports to state bodies and extra-budgetary funds;
  • representation of interests in regulatory bodies.

In addition, we will be glad to provide professional legal assistance in the field of corporate, civil, migration and tax law, as well as to defend the interests of the company in state courts or arbitration.

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