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Liquidation of a company is a procedure of final termination of its activity without transfer of rights and obligations to other entities.

Reason for liquidation may be the inexpediency of further activities of company, fulfillment of purposes for which it was created, or expiration of its activity’s period.

The liquidation procedure is quite time-consuming and usually takes from 4 months to 1 year. In addition, it is complicated by a possible on-site inspection by tax authorities.

Therefore, it makes sense to entrust liquidation of a company to a law firm specializing in this area.

Participation of a professional lawyer in liquidation of company will be required at every stage:

Making resolution on liquidation of company

Resolution on liquidation shall be made by the General meeting of the company’s participants unanimously.

Lawyer for liquidation of a company will prepare a proper decision as soon as possible.

Appointment of liquidator or liquidation commission

After making a resolution on liquidation of a company, it is necessary to appoint a liquidator or a liquidation commission, who will be responsible for the liquidation procedure.

The lawyer will advise on all issues related to the activities of the liquidator or liquidation commission, determine risks of possible unfair activities of specified persons. If it is necessary, the lawyer may act independently as a liquidator.

Notification of public authorities

After the resolution on liquidation is made, it is necessary to notify tax authorities at the location of the company within 3 working days.

The lawyer will correctly fill in necessary form P15001 and submit necessary documents to the tax office as soon as possible.

Publication of information on liquidation of a company

After notifying the tax authorities, lawyer will publish a report on the liquidation of the company in the Journal of state registration.

Written notification to creditors

Russian legislation obliges to notify in writing each of creditors on liquidation of the company.

Lawyer for liquidation of a company will properly prepare notifications of creditors, in which he will specify in details procedure and term for filing claims.

Tax audit

During process of liquidation of a company, territorial tax authority may appoint an on-site tax audit regardless of the time and subject of previous audit.

In case of appointment of on-site audit, liquidation lawyer is required to verify the legality and validity of tax inspectors ‘ claims, as well as promptly and properly respond to all their requests, provide necessary documents.

Preparation and submission of interim liquidation balance sheet

After deadline for submission of claims by creditors, liquidation commission (liquidator) shall draw up an interim liquidation balance sheet, which contains information on composition of company’s property, list of claims submitted by creditors, as well as results of their consideration.

As a rule, interim liquidation balance sheet is compiled and submitted to state authorities and funds by the accounting Department, but participation of lawyer for liquidation of a company is also necessary in order to verify proper notification of authorities and funds.

Repayment of creditors’ claims

After drawing up the interim liquidation balance sheet, company may begin to repay creditors’ claims.

Since the repayment of claims may not be carried out at a time, qualified lawyer will ensure that settlements with creditors were made strictly in accordance with the order established by law.

Liquidation balance sheet and distribution of property of a company

After satisfaction of creditors’ claims, it is necessary to draw up a (final) liquidation balance sheet, which indicates remaining property of the company. The remaining assets may be distributed among participants after approval of the liquidation balance sheet.

Liquidation lawyer will help to prepare resolution on approval of the liquidation balance sheet, as well as act on distribution of remaining property between participants of the company.

Registration of liquidation in the United companies register and removal from tax accounting

Final stage of the liquidation procedure is submission of documents for registration of company’s liquidation, as well as its removal from tax accounting.

Lawyer will submit necessary documents to the registration authority. Within 5 working days after filing the documents, lawyer will receive document confirming liquidation of a company and a notice of removal from tax accounting.

VALEN will help to carry out liquidation procedure of the company with maximum efficiency and in the shortest possible time.

We offer complex support of companies, which are planning or have already initiated liquidation, help with preparation of documents and their submission to official authorities.

Please contact us and we will advise you on any issues arising in the liquidation process.

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