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Joint ventures have recently become one of the most popular form of direct investment by foreign companies which plan to do business in the Russian Federation and conduct complex projects. It is rather necessary to assess all risks and ensure proper corporate management in order to successfully achieve stipulated goals. 

Joint venture is a type of company set up by several individuals or legal entities. Creation of joint venture is formalized by an agreement that provides for the parties’ mutual rights and obligations, as well as terms of their cooperation.

The most important issue when creating a joint venture is strict compliance with all legislative requirements of the country where joint venture is planned to be registered. Moreover, the overall process can be complicated by the fact that certain entities acting as joint venture’s founders are subject to different law systems, that is have their place of residence in different countries.

Thus, it is obvious that the whole process of setting up a joint venture is impossible without professional legal advice which can be provided by a lawyer. Should the lawyer take care of setting up a joint venture, many risks will be minimized, and negative consequences will be avoided.

VALEN Group lawyers have many years of experience in the field of corporate law and, namely, in setting up joint ventures. The range of our services includes the following:

  • consultation on any issue related to setting up a joint venture;
  • legal support at all stages of a deal;
  • creation and legal support of joint ventures’ operation whose members are Russian or foreign beneficiaries;
  • structuring and restructuring of joint ventures;
  • participation in negotiations, preparation of documents and representation of client’s interests in registration authorities;
  • development of suitable corporate management structure;
  • drafting corporate agreements.

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