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An IT lawyer is a highly skilled professional who provides legal support to companies and individual entrepreneurs in the rapidly developing digital economy and IT industry. 

The IT and digital lawyer profession has seen extensive development and, over the past decade, has been considered relevant in all economic sectors where the latest information technology is actively used. This applies to the fields of mass communication and information dissemination, high-tech, innovation, finance, e-commerce, telemedicine and public administration.

IT lawyers are relevant for the following categories of companies:

  • Companies operating in the field of online commerce.
  • Companies selling services through online websites.
  • Companies developing software and providing IT support.
  • Companies operating in the field of web design and digital marketing.
  • Consulting firms.
  • Companies carrying out outsourced IT services: testing, promotion.
  • Crowdfunding platforms.
  • Financial companies related to electronic money circulation.
  • Developers of online games and mobile applications.
  • Digital product start-ups.
  • Any other company whose activities are inextricably linked to the need to work through an online resource.

VALEN lawyers work with a wide range of high-tech companies, auditing the legal risks in their field of activity. We arrange legal support for a wide range of business processes related to digital economic activities.

Tasks that an IP/IT lawyer deals with

  • Legal support for various projects of any complexity in the IT sphere.
  • Competent solution of the company’s business tasks related to the development and production of an IT product.
  • Assessment of the company’s activities for compliance with federal laws and other regulations in the field of information technology.
  • Conducting extensive consulting for high-tech companies.
  • Intellectual property rights protection in the area of IT technologies.
  • Comprehensive legal support for the company at all stages of its activities.
  • Reducing the bureaucratic burden on the company’s management.
  • Drafting agreements and participation in their signing between the company and employees/contractors/government bodies.
  • Advising as part of work under Federal Law №44 “On the Contract System in the Sphere of Procurement of Goods, Works and Services for State and Municipal Needs.
  • Providing legal support for purchasing and using licensed software.
  • Pre-trial dispute resolution.
  • Drafting statements of claim and representing clients in court.

The knowledge and skills which VALEN specialists are equipped with:

  • Intellectual property rights protection in the IT industry.
  • Managing our clients’ intellectual property portfolio.
  • Assessing the risks and potential consequences of a range of managerial or economic decisions.
  • Resolving international disputes over trade in digital products or the use of licensed software.
  • Interaction with public service authorities.
  • Monetising intellectual property.
  • In-depth knowledge of domestic and foreign legislation in the field of digital technologies and copyright protection of information technology products.
  • Application in practice all the legal knowledge.
  • Active work with digital services and electronic databases.
  • Understanding of modern digital platforms and familiarity with major technology trends.
  • Ability to analyse the risks associated with the active use of digital technologies.
  • Extensive experience with documentation: contracts, certificates, licenses and acts and for internal use.

VALEN’s core business is comprehensive corporate support for clients at all stages of their operations. Our specialists have significant experience in working with companies and entrepreneurs in the IT and related digital narrow domains. The experience of our lawyers and accountants allow us to solve client tasks of any complexity.

Services provided by an IT lawyer

  • Drafting of the user agreement.
  • Drafting of an offer agreement.
  • Drafting privacy policy.
  • Arrangement of work in the framework of enforcement of the 152-FZ in terms of personal data collection.
  • Trademark registration.
  • Creating conditions to protect the results of intellectual activity.
  • Registration of software and other digital products.
  • Pre-trial settlement of disputes.
  • Drawing up statements of claim and representation of clients’ interests in court.
  • Optimization of tax base for IT-companies in accordance with state preferences in this sphere.
  • Support of investment transactions.

Why choose us?

  1. Professionalism. Our lawyers and accountants have broad knowledge of law, tax and finance to provide competent advice and effective assistance.
  2. Turnkey work organization. We are ready to work with clients in all fields of activity and solve arising problems of any complexity.
  3. Reducing risks related to non-compliance with legislation, errors in tax assessment and payment, disputes with clients.
  4. Advantageous terms. We follow individual approach to each client, which allows us to determine a complete list of problems and remuneration for their solution before signing the contract.
  5. Client involvement. When developing strategies, we practise agreeing a plan for their implementation with our clients.

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