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Business restructuring is a process that provides effective distribution and usage of all company resources. The main task of business restructuring is to create a business system that, on the one hand, will meet the long-term objectives of the owners, and on the other hand, will develop in accordance with the requirements of business environment. 

Restructuring involves both the restructuring of the business in order to focus on the most profitable areas of activity, and the reorganization of the company’s management system. Thus, the essence of restructuring is to properly identify and develop a company’s competitive advantage, that is, its ability to produce a product or service better than others and maintain its market position.

Business restructuring services are especially popular nowadays when the world has faced the pandemic. Many companies that faced financial difficulties in the economic market were forced to use the business restructuring services instead of making the decision to liquidate the company.

Business restructuring services pursue the following goals:

  • centralization of company management tools;
  • increasing company transparency;
  • protection of company’s most significant assets;
  • reducing tax and property risks;
  • optimization of company’s tax burden;
  • cost reduction.

VALEN Group lawyers will be glad to provide business restructuring services, which include, in particular, the following:

  • risk assessment;
  • establishing a company structure;
  • developing an internal document flow;
  • consultation on any issue related to business restructuring;
  • legal support at all stages of business restructuring.

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