The Parliament adopted the law on remote work

Dec, 02 2020

During pandemic, a growing number of companies are forced to transfer employees to remote work. This led to a lot of misunderstandings arisen in the relationship between employer and employee. To clarify the situation, the Parliament members adopted in the third reading amendments to the Labor Code regulating remote work.

What do amendments introduce?

• Three types of remote work

A simple remote work means that an employee performs work duties outside employer’s workplace, but under his control, using the Internet and other sources of communication.

A temporary remote work shall not exceed 6 months. If it is impossible to fulfill the duties for reasons beyond the control of employer and employee, the employee is entitled to payment for downtime.

Also, when switching to a temporary remote work, the salary shall be saved.

Combined remote work involves a work schedule that includes both visiting the office and working from home.

• Working and leisure time

The law gives the employee the right to be “offline”, meaning to answer calls and letters from the employer at a certain time specified in the employment contract. Moreover, if the employer needs to involve an employee in his personal time, then such work is paid overtime.

• If the employee uses his personal technical equipment and electricity for work purposes, the employer can reimburse him for such costs.

• The employer will be able to transfer employees to remote work in the event of an emergency without their consent.

In general, the law is intended to simplify the communication between employer and employee. For example, practically all matters of the beginning and end of labor activity go online, that is, through the exchange of electronic documents. Despite this, labor laws apply to remote employees the same way as to office ones.

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The Parliament adopted the law on remote work
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