New regulations entering into force in February 2023

Feb, 15 2023

A bunch of new regulations regarding countersanctions, parallel import, employment etc. became effective in February 2023.


The President of Russia issued a decree as the response to the Russian oil price cap which became effective 01.02.2023. It prohibits foreign organizations and individuals to conclude oil and petroleum products supply agreements if they contain provisions that determine the ceiling price of oil and petroleum products expressly or implicitly.

This new rule is applicable to the whole chain of supply to final buyers.

The ban on oil supply is imposed from 01.02.2023 and the ban on petroleum products supply – from the date to be set by the Russian Government but not earlier than 01.02.2023.

Notably there is an exception from this rule – mentioned oil and petroleum products supply may be allowed by special presidential decision.

Also Russian Government shall among other things set the list of products’ codes to be banned and adopt acts to implement the ban.

The list of goods with foreign origin which are shipped within parallel import is renewed

Ministry of Industry and Trade has issued an order amending the list of goods for parallel import which enters into force 02.02.2023.

Thus, several positions were specified, such as:

  • parfum, cosmetics or toiletry;
  • photo and cinematic goods;
  • electric machines and equipment, their components etc.

Also the list was added by including a few brands of games, toys and sports equipment.

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New regulations entering into force in February 2023
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