Make an invitation for visa to Russia

Dec, 09 2020

Making an invitation for a Russian visa is a rather time-consuming procedure that requires preparation. If you are planning to make an invitation for visa to Russia to a business partner, friend or relative, first you need to determine exactly the following:

  • time of the trip;
  • where the foreigner will live during visit to the Russian Federation;
  • how urgent is the need to issue entry documents;
  • how many times a foreigner will cross the border during the visa validity term.

Visa to Russia for a foreigner by invitation assumes that the ground for entry is an invitation from an individual or legal entity. To make an invitation request, it is necessary to contact the Ministry of internal Affairs at the applicant’s place of residence or the address of the legal entity’s location. The invitation is issued on a special form of the Ministry or in electronic form.

When is invitation to entry Russia necessary 

It is possible to apply for a Russian visa without invitation from friends, but such a permit to stay in the country is valid for no longer than 90 days. For a short visit, it is best to apply for a tourist visa – it is much easier and faster.

However, if a person plans to stay in the country for more than three months, he will need, for example, a business visa. To obtain it, it is necessary to get an invitation from the Russian side. In addition to a business visa, you can choose a private or work visa for multiple visits to the country over a long period of time. All of these types of entry permits are associated with the need to receive an official invitation.

Issuance procedure

To make an invitation to enter the Russian Federation for a foreign citizen, it is necessary to contact the Department of the Ministry of internal Affairs at the place of residence or location of the company and provide the following documents:

  • your own identity card;
  • application for invitation in two copies;
  • a copy of the foreigner’s passport;
  • letter of guarantee;
  • information about your own income;
  • receipt of payment of the state fee for the invitation to enter the Russian Federation.

It should be noted that your income should be sufficient to provide the visitor with everything necessary, including medical care. If you invite a person from a country that is considered dangerous for migration, you will have to pass an interview and explain the purpose of the foreigner’s visit, as well as answer other questions.

According to the law, you will be issued an invitation on official letterhead within 20 working days from the moment of submitting a full set of documents. If the paperwork is correct and the foreigner is not banned from entering the country, there will be no problems. You will receive an invitation on the form of the Ministry of internal Affairs with an individual number. It will contain the passport details of the foreigner, information about the inviting party, the duration of the trip and the multiplicity of the visa.

All that remains is to send this document to the addressee so that he can apply to the Russian Consulate or Embassy for a visa. In addition, the foreigner will have to fill out a form, pay the fee, and attach a standard package of papers.

Issuing an invitation to enter the Russian Federation is a time-consuming task, so it is much more convenient to entrust it to a specialized company that has been accredited by the Ministry of internal Affairs or the Ministry of foreign Affairs. Such specialists can issue private and business invitations for up to 5 years (for EU citizens). For American citizens, the maximum term of such document is 3 years. For everyone else, a year.Attracting a specialized company is a great option if you do not have time to collect documents and pass an interview. Moreover, it is critically important to arrange the papers correctly, otherwise the application may be rejected, and then you will have to start the whole procedure all over again.

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Make an invitation for visa to Russia
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