How to cancel the registration of an LLC

Feb, 21 2024

Sometimes the founders of companies decide at the last moment to refuse to register a company. In this case, there is a procedure that allows you to do this even after sending the documents to the registration authority.

The following steps must be taken to cancel registration:

  • Form P11001 is submitted for registration of a legal entity and the application is considered within 3 days. Therefore, there is a three-day deadline for submitting documents for cancellation when submitting Form P38001.

Form No. P34001 is used when the company’s constituent documents contain incorrect information about an individual related to his participation or management. This document is submitted on behalf of the person whose information was incorrect.

If the general director of the LLC has changed or an error has been made in his last name, statements on form No. P13014 are used.

If errors are found in the constituent documents, an application is submitted in form No. P34002.

All documents can be issued electronically and signed using a qualified electronic signature.

  • If the LLC has already been entered into the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, you should not rush to decide on its closure. In case of inaccuracies in the submitted data, it is sufficient to submit an application for cancellation of registration. But if a decision is still made to close, then liquidation procedures must be carried out.

This procedure includes the following points:

  • It is necessary to make a decision by the general meeting or the sole founder on the commencement of the liquidation procedure and the appointment of a liquidator/ liquidation commission
  • Form P15016 is also filled in, which is provided to the tax service with the entire package of documents: the decision of the founder / minutes of the general meeting, form P15016.
  • After submitting the documents, it is necessary to publish the liquidation decisions on Fedresurs and in the Bulletin of State Registration. And also notify creditors, if any.
  • The preparation of the liquidation balance sheet is also included in the list of mandatory liquidation procedures.

After completing all of the above actions, the Federal Tax Service excludes the organization from accounting and within 6 working days sends a notification of liquidation to the applicant.

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How to cancel the registration of an LLC
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