EDS for foreign managers

Nov, 02 2022

Foreign business leaders, as well as residents of the Russian Federation, use EDS when interacting with tax authorities and signing contracts with clients.

Foreigners have the right to receive an EDS by virtue of the provisions of Article 18 “On electronic signature”.

What functions does the EDS perform?

A foreign business manager who has received an EDS in the Russian Federation can use its functionality without restrictions.

So, the EDS will allow:

• Sign contracts remotely,

• Send reports to the Federal Tax Service, the pension fund and other government agencies.

• Participate in electronic bidding.

List of documents for obtaining EDS

1. Notarized translation of the original passport.


3. INN (TIN).

4. Company Charter.

A foreigner has the right to apply to any certification center that is accredited by the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation.

EDS for the branch manager

The head of the branch is also entitled to receive an EDS regardless of his citizenship. In addition to the listed documents, the foreigner sends the following set of documents to the accredited center:

1. Certificate of state registration of a branch in the Russian Federation.

2. The decision of the parent organization on the establishment of a branch and the appointment of a head.

3. Certificate of registration of the branch.

4. Power of attorney for the head of the branch, which is issued by the head office.

5. Application for the issue of EDS.

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EDS for foreign managers
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