The location of the legal entity, or as it is more often called, the legal address is one of the core details of any company. It refers to the address at which the permanent executive body is located, which is most often the CEO. The legal address is very important and is specified in contracts and other company documents. All correspondence from the public authorities is sent to this address and the company will deal specifically with the tax inspectorate associated with this registered address.

A legal address is required when forming a company. When registering a company with the tax authorities the legal address must be specified in the application otherwise the registration will be denied. The tax inspectorate may refuse registration even if you have a legal address. The fact is that during company registration the tax authorities pay attention to verifying that the legal address has not been used “on mass”. If more than 10 companies are registered at the same address the registration may be denied.

In addition, the tax authorities may refuse registration if there are no documents confirming the company’s right to be registered at that address. These documents are: a properly drawn up lease, a copy of the certificate of ownership of the premises and a letter of guarantee from the owner of the premises which provides the company the right to use this address as a legal address.

VALEN provides a full range of services related to the rental of a legal address: advice on all matters related to office rental, preparation and proper registration of all required documents. In addition, we offer several options: legal address rental, virtual office rental, and office rental.

Legal address rental

The rental of a legal address typically includes the provision of a legal address, preparation of required documents and postal service. This address will be sufficient to register with the Federal Tax Service and open a bank account and the cost of the rental will be significantly lower.

Virtual office rental

The rental of a virtual office is a service including the rental of a legal address, postal and secretarial services, rental of telephone lines with call forwarding, rental of rooms for conducting training sessions and meetings and much more.

Office rental

The rental of an office means the rental of a non-residential premises in which the company will be located. When renting an office it is necessary to conduct a thorough legal analysis of the lease. If the company intends to use the leased premises as the legal address, the lease must be drawn up to reflect this. In addition, together with the lease, a letter of guarantee is required from the owner as well as the certificate of ownership. These documents can also cause problems if not done right. With our assistance, you will be able to rent an office without any legal stumbling blocks.

Our services

VALEN provides a full range of services in the lease of the legal address:

  • Selection of suitable lease option (legal address, virtual office or office);
  • Consultation on all matters related to renting an office;
  • Selection of legal address and preparation of documents to confirm it.