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Entering the Russian Market

We support all stages of market entry in Russia, from initial market research to the commencement of foreign companies’ operations.

Legal Services

We render complex legal support on all aspects of foreign business activities in Russia.

Corporate services

Corporate support includes basic registration procedures as well as more complex issues such as corporate structuring and deal support.


Our Company

VALEN is a law firm with specialization on consulting of international business.We consult on creation and execution of models for doing business in Russia. In addition to knowledge of Russian, international commercial and corporate law, we are also skilled in finance and that allows us to provide an integrated service in the Russian market.

Since 2020 Valen Legal has become a part of VALEN Group. Apart from the legal direction, holding also includes Valen Tax company which specializes in accounting and taxes. This ensures integrated approach to the client service. Please find more information: valen-tax.com


The Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation will launch a digital platform for small and medium-sized businesses support

The Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation is preparing to launch an ecosystem within which a digital platform functions, combining all services for medium and small businesses. The ecosystem will allow you to select targeted tools to support business entities. 197 services are currently available to entrepreneurs- the…

Разрешении индивидуального трудового спора

Review and resolution of individual labor disputes

There are often employer-employee conflicts. They may relate to various issues: rights violation, non-payment of the required payment, damaging event, etc. Such disagreements are called individual labor disputes. They differ from collective ones as they involve only one person, not the staff.  As a rule, misunderstandings arise between the employer and…

Досудебный порядок разрешения трудовых споров

Pre-trial procedure of settling labor disputes

Labor dispute is a disagreement between participants of employment relationship. As a rule, we are talking about conflicts between an employer and an employee, or between an employer and a group of employees. For the law to define a dispute as a labor dispute, it must necessarily affect work issues:…

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