Valeria Zakharova

Valeria Zakharova


Russian Foreign Trade Academy (LLB), 2017 international law faculty

University of Westminster (LLM), 2018 Faculty – corporate finance law

Foreign Languages: English, Spanish

Internships in public authorities (District Court, Russian Financial Intelligence Unit; English and Swiss law firms (Diacle Ltd, Froriep LLP)

Since 2019 – lawyer at VALEN

Posts by Valeria Zakharova

The oversight over operations on foreign e-wallets is planned to be tightened

A draft law that will tighten control over foreign electronic wallets of Russian citizens has been introduced to the State Duma. What amendments does the daft law provide for? operations on foreign e-wallets will be equaled to transfers on accounts in foreign banks; Russian citizens will be bound to report…

Russia temporarily seals borders due to coronavirus

A day earlier Russian Prime Minister informed heads of state that in order to ensure security and curb the spread of coronavirus, it was decided from 00:00 on March 18 to temporarily restrict entry to the territory of the Russian Federation for foreign citizens and stateless persons. Currently, restriction will…