Andrey Toryannikov

Andrey Toryannikov

Attorney at law, Counsel

Two degrees in Lomonosov Moscow State University. Faculties of Law and Philology.

1996 – obtained status of attorney

Foreign Languages: English

Specialist in the field of legal representation, corporate conflict resolution, structuring and support of transactions for the acquisition of business, as well as defense / representation in the framework of criminal prosecution

1994 – has written more than 150 publications in the Russian newspapers and magazines

Since 2019 – Senior Lawyer at VALEN

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The SPA M&A is a legal document that regulates the conditions under which the shares of a company are transferred in M&A. As a rule, the agreement involves minimum two parties to that agreement: a selling entity that holds the title to the shares, as well as a buying entity….

Joint venture agreement

Joint venture agreement is one of the key documents that have a crucial meaning in building a joint venture. For this reason, to develop a draft which will protect your interests you should answer the questions and take into account the factors listed below. Who are your partners? The company…

Equity joint venture

An equity joint venture (EJV) is an agreement between two companies to enter into a separate business venture together. The business structure for an EJV is a separate limited liability company (LLC). This shields each partner and business from liability. Each partner participates in gains and losses according to the…