Russian Visa Invitations – Requirements, Cost, Types

A visa gives permission to enter and stay in the Russian Federation. The list of required documents, terms and timeframe to obtain the visa is dependent on the purpose of the foreign citizen’s trip to Russia. Any visa application must be accompanied by an “invitation” , which can be supplied by us.

Tourist visa

A tourist visa is one of the fastest ways to enter the Russian Federation. To obtain a visa of this type tourism must be specified as the main purpose of the trip to Russia.

What are the types of tourist visas?

Tourist visas can be single and doubleentry. They are issued for 30 days and cannot usually be extended.

Russian tourist visa requirements

As with any visa, to obtain a tourist visa you need to submit the required documents to the Russian consulate or visa bureau in your country of residence. It takes 3 to 7 days to obtain a tourist visa. A tourist visa invitation is required to obtain this visa.

What is a tourist visa invitation?

A tourist visa invitation is a document that is required to obtain a tourist visa. It consists of 2 parts: a tourist voucher and confirmation.

We can provide a tourist visa invitation for you.

Business visa

A business visa is issued to foreign nationals entering the Russian Federation for business purposes to represent the interests of a company, conduct meetings, sign contracts.

A business visa can be:

  • Single entry;
  • Double entry;
  • Multiple entry. Business visas are valid from 30 to 365 days or more.

A foreigner cannot remain in Russia for more than 90 days in 180 days on a business visa.

Business visas do not grant foreigners the right to work in Russia.

How to obtain a Russian business visa?

There are two main steps to the business visa application process:

  • Receipt of invitation to enter the Russian Federation;
  • Application to obtain the visa at the Russian Consulate or visa bureau in your country of residence.

What is a business visa invitation?

A business visa invitation is required to receive a business visa. The business visa invitation to Russia for foreigners may be obtained in the following ways:

  • On a special form;
  • On a company letterhead accredited by GUVM;
  • Invitation in electronic form;
  • Telex from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Work visa

A work visa is issued to foreign nationals who enter the Russian Federation for work.

The work visa, as opposed to the business visa, allows its holder not only to repeatedly cross the border of the Russian Federation, but also to remain within the country for the duration of the visa (there is no 90 days limit as with the business visa).

The work visa is very closely connected to obtaining a work permit, and there are 2 procedures to obtain this visa:

  1. Standard procedure;
  2. Procedure for highly qualified specialist (HQS).

How to obtain a Russian work visa?

There are several steps to the work visa application process:

First step

The first step is to obtain a single entry work invitation for 90 days. Here we should mention that the invitation is issued only after the work permit is obtained for the invited foreign national. More information can be found in the section: How to obtain a work permit.

Second step

The second step is to apply for a single entry work visa for 90 days in the Russian Consulate or visa bureau in the country of residence of the foreign national.

After receiving a single entry work visa, the foreign national needs to enter the Russian Federation, get a registration and re-register the single entry visa into a multiple entry visa for the duration of the work permit (usually a year).

Applying for a HQS work visa in Russia

The documents to apply for an invitation to enter the Russian Federation for HQS are submitted simultaneously with the documents to obtain a work permit. In this way, the invitation to enter the country is issued almost simultaneously with the work permit. For HQS an invitation is immediately issued for the multiple entry visa.

Also, it should be mentioned that work permits are issued to HQS for up to 3 years, and as such the visa can be issued for the same period of time.

Our services

VALEN provides a full range of visa services:

Consultation on all matters related to obtaining a Russian visa;

Preparation of documents to obtain invitations for business and work visas;

Submission and receipt of documents from the immigration authorities.



A large German insurance company approached us for the service of obtaining a work permit and work visa for a CEO of its subsidiary in the Russian Federation. At the same time, the place of work of the CEO was considered the company’s office in Moscow, as well as a separate subdivision in the Moscow region.

  • Lawyers consulted the employer and the foreign citizen on collection of documents for the work permit and visa;
  • Prepared and submitted a set of documents on the conclusion of employment contract with a German citizen both in Moscow and in the Moscow region;
  • Agreed the CEO with the relevant Russian ministry in order to submit documents for a work visa to migration authority during a pandemic;
  • Submitted documents for the work permit and visa to the migration authorities, and also accompanied the foreign citizen to obtain ready-made permits.

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