General Tax Consulting

Tax advice aims to create the most optimal taxation models for a company and improve business efficiency. Tax consulting services are vital for both Russian and foreign companies that plan to open their business in Russia as it is difficult to understand the intricacies of the Russian tax system.

When is Tax Consulting Necessary?

Tax advice is intended to increase the efficiency of management and control of the tax burden of the company in order to optimize tax payments, eliminate exposure to any possible tax risks and prevent the company from being fined by the tax authorities for tax violations.

VALEN provides tax advice in full compliance with the tax regulations based on the specific activities of the particular taxpayer. Our tax consultants have extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of tax law, which enables us to provide exemplary tax advice.

Our Services

Our experts can provide a full range of tax services, including:

  • Both written and oral advice on individual tax matters; Accounting;
  • Verification of bookkeeping and payment of taxes;
  • Recovery of accounting;
  • Preparation for tax audit and support during the audit;
  • Assessment of tax risks;
  • Tax audit;
  • Consultations on tax disputes.


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