Financial outsourcing

Maintenance of accounting records and tax accounting records. Chief Accountant function

  • Preparation and submission of tax, accounting and statistical reports
  • Reflection of business transactions in accounting registers
  • Calculation of taxes and contributions payable and provision of information on the amount of upcoming payments
  • Collection of documents from suppliers
  • Reconciliation with suppliers
  • Registration of cash documents (cash book, receipts and expenditure orders, advance reports)
  • Formation of payment orders for payment of taxes and contributions in the bank-client system
  • Storage of primary documentation (originals or copies)

HR accounting and payroll

  • Preparation of orders for the admission and dismissal of employees
  • Vacation and travel orders
  • Payroll and taxes and contributions from the payroll
  • Formation of statements for the payment of wages and advance payments
  • Formation and submission of reports to the IFTS, FSS and PFR
  • Compensation for sick leave and childcare benefits
  • Providing employees with salary certificates for subsidies and loans in the form of 2-NDFL or in free form

Expedited audit of accounting (both in full and partial)

  • Risk analysis and assessment
  • Reporting errors and violations
  • Objective conclusion of professionals


Tax and accounting consulting

Tax examination of transactions and operations – analysis of the completed / planned transaction, determination of the tax consequences of the transaction, identification of tax risks and ways to minimize them taking into account legislation.

  • Written advice on tax and accounting
  • Establishment of a separate accounting system for tax purposes
  • Preparation of a personal income tax return (3-NDFL) for individuals applying for personal income tax deductions (in connection with the acquisition / sale of real estate, the sale of other property, payment for treatment and education, etc.); receiving income from which personal income tax was not withheld and paid to the budget by a tax agent

Financial director function

  • Development of a financial model of the company
  • Development / adjustment of the company budget

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