Tax confidential information– open to public

Nov, 12 2018

On June 1, 2018 Federal Tax Service of Russia launched online-service called “Transparent business” providing public access to information regarding companies. This online-service was created in order to help companies to verify their counterparties‘ reliability and to reduce the number of companies avoiding paying taxes.

Federal Tax Service publishes information gradually. The following information was released at first:

  • average number of employees;
  • special tax regimes, used by a company;
  • company’s membership in tax-consolidated group.

The following data was published in October 2018:

  • amount of paid taxes, fees and insurance contributions;
  • company’s profit and loss according to accounting report for 2017.

Moreover, Federal Tax Service is planning to release the following information in December 2018:

  • tax offences committed by companies;

– fines and penalties debts.

Author of the article
Tax confidential information– open to public
Valentina Khlavich
Managing Partner
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