Apr, 28 2017

President of Russia approved new amendments to the law on Prosecution Service. Thus, some of prosecutor’s authorities regarding checking-up of legal entities shall be limited.
What are the most important aspects of prosecutor’s check-ups that were affected by new amendments?

Duration of check-ups
According to new amendments, the period for conducting prosecutor’s check-up shall be limited by 30 calendar days. In exceptional cases that period can be extended by the prosecutor’s decision, but not more than for another 30 days. After that another extension is possible only by direct instruction of the Prosecutor General or his authorized deputy. Before adopted amendments, the period of check-ups was not established by law, therefore prosecutors often delayed checking-up process.

Request of documents
Prosecutors are no longer entitled to demand documents that are not related to the subject of check-up or were previously published in public sources, including corporate website. In addition, companies have 2-5 days to provide requested documents to the prosecutor office.