Apr, 28 2017

According to new law, procedure of obtaining Permanent residence permit (PRP) may become significantly easier for several categories of foreign citizens.

Particularly, new scoring system may come into force, it will appraise foreign citizens, willing to stay in Russia. Currently before obtaining PRP foreign citizens shall obtain temporary residence permit and stay on its grounds in Russia not less than 1 year. By the new scoring system PRP may be obtained one year earlier, without obtaining temporary residence permit.

To obtain PRP 1 year earlier foreign citizens shall gather required number of points. Appraising criteria and required number of points will be established by the government. Criteria will depend on demographic situation and situation at work market. The major criteria will be age, education, labor experience and level of adaption of foreign citizen.

Besides that, according to the new law, highly qualified specialist and their family members also will be able to obtain PRP at simplified procedure without temporary residence permit, regardless of scoring system.

It is presumed, that such measures will attract qualified employees and make paper-laden process for them easier.