Overview on residence and work permit - is it the same status?

Jan, 31 2018

We are often asked about the difference between temporary residence permit (TRP) and work permit for highly qualified specialist (HQS).

TRP is a personal status of a foreign national. It provides the right to live in Russia as well as to work here without a work permit. HQS authorizes to live in Russia only if foreign national has an employer.

We have prepared the table, to help you better understand all the details :

Issued in the form of a passport stamp
Issued in the form of certificate
(plastic card)

Issued within quota. In case of marriage with Russian citizen – out of   quota.

Commonly, the salary of the foreign national should be not less than   167.000 rubles per month.
Foreign national should personally file and receive the documents.
Document may be filed on ground of the power of attorney, however the   certificate can be obtained only in person.
Required documents
The list of necessary documents includes among the others: certificate   of no criminal record, medical certificate, and certificate of Russian   language knowledge.
There is no need for highly qualified specialists to prove their   knowledge of the Russian language. Also the medical certificate and certificate   of no criminal record are not required.
Term of receipt
about   6 months
Region and term of validity
The permit is valid for 3 years and only in one region.
The permit is valid maximum for 3 years and can be valid in different   regions.
Extension of TRP is not available, however, there is an option to   obtain new TRP. Foreign nationals who received a TRP are entitled to apply   for a permanent residence permit, but only if foreign national have lived in   Russia for at least 1 year on grounds of TRP.
After HQS permit expiration it can be extended multiple times for 3   years.
Pay personal income tax by general rules for foreign nationals.
·pay social fees to Pension fund at the rate of 22%;
·pay social fees to Social insurance fund at the rate of 2,9 %;
·pay social fees to Medical insurance fund at the rate of 5,1%;
·pay accident insurance fee in amount from 0,2 to 8,5 %.

Pay personal income tax at the rate of 13 %.
Do not pay social fees, except for accident insurance fee in amount   from 0,2 to 8,5 %