Online regulation of employment relationship

Dec, 10 2019

In order to develop online services in Russia, Parliament has approved the number of draft laws in employment area which encourages digitalization of civil relationships.

The most relevant changes of these draft laws are:

  • Online employment relationships

In virtue of approval by Parliament of a new type of state online services – super services, it will be possible to minimize use of paper documents and need to visit government agencies.

Thus, service «Online employment services» will help in job search and making a CV. Besides, user can store in online profile his or her academic certificates and online employment record book as well as easily send them to the future employer. When applying for a job, function of concluding an agreement in online form will be available. Also, it will be possible to quit voluntarily, register at the employment center and apply for benefits remotely by sending an application online.

  • Online employment record book

Also, it is expected that Government will approve online form of employment record books. Starting 2020 employers will be required to store employment record books both online and in a hard copy. Since 2021 both types of employment record books will be at employee’s disposal, who applied for it till the end of 2020.

  • Online information about employment activity

According to draft laws, employer will be required to provide online basic information concerning employment activity and seniority on information resources of the Pension Fund of Russia. In compliance with amendments, data on information resources of the pension fund in online form will become the main information about seniority and activities of employee.

If these draft laws come into force, employment relationship between employers and employees will be much simplified. The process of job search by applicants and new employees by employers will become faster and more efficient, information on seniority and work activities will be unified and available online, which will reduce the risk of losing important documents.

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Online regulation of employment relationship
Valentina Khlavich
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