How to extend temporary residence permit in Russia

Jan, 24 2024

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Foreign citizens who want to live in the Russian Federation should obtain temporary residence permit. This document is necessary in order to obtain permanent residence permit in future, but it also allows to legally work in the country, rent a housing or study.

Permanent residence permit entitles a foreigner to apply for citizenship. It is designed for migrants who have chosen Russia as their main country of residence. However, obtaining a residence permit is a time-consuming procedure that requires compliance with a number of formalities, so many visitors are in no hurry to apply to the Migration Department. They believe that a temporary residence permit is sufficient for them. Especially if they live in one city, and their professional activities do not force them to move from region to region.

There is an important legislative peculiarity related to the term of stay in the country. If the permanent residence permit’s validity term is indefinite, the situation with the residence permit is different. It is valid for 3 years. After that, foreigner must leave the country. It is too late to decide how to extend TRP in the Russian Federation after three years have expired. The law does not provide for such a possibility. It is assumed that the visitor will take care of his status in advance.

How to act when TRP is expired

Well, we have already figured out that the short answer to the question of how to extend TRP in the Russian Federation is – no way. The law does not allow this document to be renewed, and there are no exceptions to this rule. What should you do if the permit is coming to an end and you do not plan to leave the Russian Federation? Apply for re-obtaining of temporary residence permit, permanent residence permit or citizenship.

It is impossible to extend the validity term of temporary residence permit, but it is possible to apply for it once again. The disadvantage of this permit is complexity of its issuance – if you are not entitled to apply for it outside the quota. Due to the fact that it is quite difficult to get a state quota, very few people manage to do it from the first time.

What is the reason for such bureaucratic difficulties? Why not just allow visitors to extend TRP? The fact is that this document is not intended for foreigners who plan to stay in the country for long. It plays the role of a transitional stage before obtaining permanent residence permit or citizenship. Accordingly, multiple renewal of TRP does not make sense. If a foreigner wants to live permanently in the country, he can get unlimited permanent residence permit.

Advantages and disadvantages of temporary residence permit

Temporary residence permit legalizes status of a foreigner who wants to live and work in Russia. It grants foreigner a wide range of rights but imposes a number of restrictions as well. For example, this document is only valid in the region where it was issued. It is impossible to obtain the permit in the Siberian Federal district and move to Moscow for living – you will have to apply to the migration authority once again there.

Nevertheless, temporary residence permit allows a foreign citizen to legally work, study and do business within three years. TRP’s owner can freely cross Russian borders: the law does not provide for any restrictions. There is no need to additionally apply for patent or work permit what significantly simplifies the employment procedure. Moreover, a foreigner with an official status is entitled to get free medical care. 

There is no need to try to find out a way to extend TRP in the Russian Federation: the law does not provide for the extension of the permit after a three-year period. However, one year after receiving this document, you can apply to the migration authority for permanent residence permit. The procedure of obtaining permanent residence permit is quite time-consuming, but its successful outcome will allow a foreigner not to worry about his status anymore, since he will receive almost all civil rights provided for by Russian legislation.

When the permit can be cancelled

Foreigners who have chosen to live in Russia should be aware that the permit may be revoked. The law provides for a number of cases when state authorities have the right to recognize this document as invalid and issue a corresponding notification to the migrant. After that, a foreigner will be obliged to leave the country, although he may try to challenge the decision of the authorities through the court.

So, on what grounds a permit may be revoked:

  • creating a threat to the security of the country and its citizens;
  • support or promotion of terrorist activities;
  • deportation from a country within five years or less prior to applying for a permit;
  • forgery of documents when applying to state authorities, reporting deliberately false information about yourself;
  • entry into force of a court decision against a foreigner for committing serious crimes;
  • multiple administrative charges within one calendar year: for violations related to the rules of foreigners’ residence, employment, public order and security;
  • absence of housing three years after entering Russia (such housing can also be a rented apartment, but a formal agreement with landlord is necessary);
  • permanent residence in another country or stay outside of Russia for 6 months within a year (however, there is a number of exceptions to this rule);
  • a fictitious marriage with a Russian citizen, which was a ground for obtaining permit (a fictitious marriage can be recognized only in court);
  • decision of state authorities on undesirability of a foreigner’s stay in the country.

It is impossible to revoke the permit without notifying the foreigner. The law requires to give a foreigner notice. It can also be sent in electronic form. As it was already mentioned, a foreigner can appeal the decision of state authorities in administrative or judicial proceedings. It can be done within 3 days after receiving the notification. If the foreigner’s claim is satisfied, his TRP’s validity term will be restored within 3 days.

Administrative appeal procedure implies that the migrant files a complaint with a higher official or an authority authorized to resolve such issues. Otherwise, he can file a claim to court. In both cases, it is better to contact experienced lawyers: they are more likely to settle the issue in a pre-trial procedure. And if this fails, they will represent the interests of migrants in court.

Thus, at the end of TRP validity term, most foreign citizens prefer to apply for permanent residence permit. Therefore, it is necessary to elaborate on the advantages that a foreign citizen with permanent residence permit in the Russian Federation has.

Advantages of Russian permanent residence permit

If a foreigner plans to become a citizen of the Russian Federation, it is necessary to obtain permanent residence permit. This document is a basis for the subsequent obtaining of citizenship. However, it gives the foreigner almost full rights and freedoms, with the exception of the right to participate in elections.

One of the main advantages of obtaining permanent residence permit is the ability to freely change your place of residence within Russia. At the same time, you do not need to warn the migration authority in advance or re-issue documents. It is enough to register at your new place of residence. Accordingly, a visitor can work in any Russian region.

Foreign citizen with permanent residence permit can freely cross the Russian borders. The main thing is that the foreigner’s total period of stay abroad should not exceed 6 months within one calendar year, otherwise permanent residence permit can also be canceled. There are enough exceptions to this rule to avoid bureaucratic difficulties. The authorities will not cancel your documents if you have left for medical treatment or funeral of close relatives.

After obtaining permanent residence permit in Russia, foreign citizens can make invitations to other foreigners to enter the country. It is worth noting that temporary residence permit does not provide for such privileges. In addition, permanent residence permit itself is indefinite: it does not need to be extended or reissued over time. If the foreigner does not decide to change the country of residence, and if the document is not canceled, it can be used for life.

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How to extend temporary residence permit in Russia
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