How to get employee to work on holidays?

Jul, 10 2017

Sometimes it is required to get employee to work on holidays or weekends. Employer should formalize such work on weekend in accordance with the law, in order to avoid problems in future.  1. Procedure on getting employee to work on holidaysSeveral categories of employees are not allowed to work on holidays – pregnant women and employees under age of 18.  Another category includes disabled employees, mothers with children under age of 3, single parents with children under age of 5, foster parents of children under 18; employees caring sick family members or disabled children. Employer shall receive consent of employees from this category, moreover it is required to get written confirmation, that such employees were informed about their right to refuse. For some of them work on holidays may be not allowed for medical reasons.  2. Getting consent from employeesNext step is getting consent from employees on working on holidays. The best thing is to get this consent in written form by sending notification or request prepared in any form. Some of employees should be informed in writing about their right to refuse.  3. Getting information regarding compensationAccording to Labor Code, employee can choose form of compensation between monetary payment and additional day off. Only employee is able to make such choice, and employer should not affect it. Important to remember, that work on holidays shall be compensated in double amount.

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How to get employee to work on holidays?
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