Federal tax service clarifies companies set up issues

Apr, 24 2019

A lot of organizational and legal questions arise by registering companies.

Federal tax service publishes answers to the most relevant questions on its official website https://www.nalog.ru/rn77/service/kb/

Please find below the most important answers provided by Federal tax service regarding issues of companies registration.

Question: What is the order of resubmission of documents for state registration of company in the case of refusal?

Answer: In the case of refusal of company registration due to non-provision of documents or non-compliance with the application form, the applicant could once provide additional documents within 3 months since the date of taking decision on refusal of registration if the causes for refusal were removed.

The state fee does should not be paid once again. 

The applicant does not have to provide the documents that are already possessed by registering authorities due to taking decision on refusal of registration.

Question: In which case and for what term could the registering authorities suspend the state registration of company?

Answer: If the registering authority has grounds for scheduling the check-up of reliability of information that has to be included to Unified register of legal entities due to company’s reorganization, winding-up

or making amendments, the registering authority has right to suspend the registration until the execution of check-up but no longer than for 1 month.

The decision on registration suspension must contain the grounds for such cease and the term for providing additional documents and explanations (no less than 5 days).

Such decision should be sent by the registering authority to the company’s e-mail within 1 day after the date of its adoption in the form of e-document.

Question: Could the minimal amount of the authorized capital of LLC be paid not by cash but by property at the stage of establishing the company?

Answer: No. At the payment of authorized capital of LLC the minimal size of authorized capital (at the present moment it is equal to 10 000 Rubles) should be obligatorily paid in cash.

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Federal tax service clarifies companies set up issues
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