Delayed payment of taxes

Mar, 27 2019

According to art. 64 of the Russian Tax Code, in case of impossibility to pay taxes, fees, insurance premiums, fines and penalties, company may delay their payment.

Companies can get such a delay if they:

may face bankruptcy in case of lump-sum payment of taxes and fees;

has received damages as a result of calamities and natural disasters;

cannot make a lump-sum payment of taxes, fines and penalties, assessed as a result of tax audit;

produce or sell seasonal goods or services. Previously, this delay was granted for 1 year. Since March 22, 2019, its term has increased to 3 years. However, process of providing the delay was tightened. Now company, wishing to receive the delay, is obliged to provide a bank guarantee of payment to tax inspection along with its application.  

Author of the article
Delayed payment of taxes
Valentina Khlavich
Managing Partner
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