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International tax planning

Contents: Payment Optimization International Tax Planning: Procedure International Tax Planning: Legal Aspects Payout Optimization Methods Optimization mistakes International tax planning helps to avoid tax payments to the state budget or to reduce their amount within the scope of law. These actions consist in the rational organization and conduct of business,…

Mar, 27 2020
Tax planning

Taxpayers strive to optimize tax payments. Tax planning is active and targeted legal action of a company that is aimed at obtaining tax benefits (reduction of taxes, fees, duties and other obligatory payments). Tax benefit is a reduction in amount of tax liability, which is achieved by reducing the tax…

Feb, 03 2020
Tax Planning and Tax Optimization

Tax planning and tax optimization is important part of entrepreneurial activity. These are legal measures that business takes to reduce tax burden: fees, duties, mandatory payments. Goal can be achieved through benefits, deductions, lower rates, right to return. It is important to engage in optimization and tax planning from moment…

Feb, 01 2020