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Contract for the creation of a corporation

A contract is a legal document that contains all the important information about making transactions and concluding long-term cooperation between the parties to it. If someone wants to set up a corporation, founders of which will be several legal entities, the conclusion of a special model contract is practiced. When…

Mar, 04 2021
Stages of drafting a contract

Any contract, as a legal form of agreement on the main points of the transaction, is concluded (in most cases) between the two parties. It contains a list of the rights and obligations of the participants, which begin to take effect from the moment of mutual approval by signatures.  For…

Mar, 04 2021
Is the foundation agreement required when creating an LLC

The foundation agreement and the agreement on the creation of an LLC are two different things. The agreement on the creation of LLC was first applied in early June 2009, making it a replacement for the constituent agreement of an LLC. Such changes occurred due to the appearance of a…

Mar, 04 2021
Legal analysis of international treaty

International treaties form the basis of interstate relations and support the development of cooperation on a global scale. In other words, it is a written agreement governed by international law, concluded between several States or between a State and an international organization. Fundamentals of signing an international treaty The signing…

Feb, 03 2021
Foundation agreement

Foundation agreement is a document in which the persons who have decided to create a company determine the procedure for conducting joint business activities and the conditions for creating such a legal entity. Thus, a foundation agreement is necessary for setting up a company with two or more participants. The…

Feb, 03 2021
The purpose of contract verification

Contents: Stages of contract verification Verification of a contract for compliance with the law. Negative consequences in case of non-compliance Features of contract verification In what situations verification of contract is mandatory What kind of work is performed by the expert responsible for checking a contract What parts and clauses…

Feb, 03 2021
Contract for representation in the arbitration court

Arbitration courts consider cases that relate to entrepreneurial and economic activities. Accordingly, the parties to the arbitration process in most cases are commercial companies, entrepreneurs, business leaders and responsible specialists. Why power of attorney is necessary in order to represent someone in court Most Russian companies do not have a…

Jan, 14 2021
Legal analysis of the contract

Russian law defines a contract as an agreement between two or more parties. This agreement necessarily creates, transforms or cancels the rights and obligations between those who signed the contract. In other words, a contract is a type of civil transaction. As a rule, the transaction assumes that one of…

Jan, 14 2021
Drawing up a contract for an auditing services provision

Contents: Why is it necessary to draw up a contract for an auditing services provision What is required in the contract Agreement terms Auditing services are a diverse audit of financial and tax documents of an enterprise. It allows to identify errors and inaccuracies before the inspection of state bodies….

Jan, 14 2021
Power of attorney for representation in an arbitration tribunal

Contents: Registration of a power of attorney for representation in an arbitration tribunal Types of powers of attorney for representation in an arbitration tribunal Content of the power of attorney Power of attorney for representation in an arbitration tribunal: validity period Arbitration tribunals consider disputes related to business and economic…

Jan, 13 2021
Business contract review

Contents: Why is it necessary to check the contract texts When is it necessary to resort to legal contract review What tasks are solved by the specialist responsible for conducting legal contract review So, let us consider some risks that can be identified by the results of the legal contract…

Jan, 13 2021
Analysis of contracts for tax risks

The entrepreneurial activity of any company is connected with the close control of the tax authorities. Therefore, when making transactions, it is necessary to analyze the documents for the presence of tax risks carefully. Before entering into any contract, it is advised to take into account the following mandatory conditions:…

Feb, 03 2020
Legal analysis of incorporation documents

According to art. 52 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, legal entities act on the basis of the articles of association (AoA), which shall be approved by their members. The AoA of commercial corporations (JSC or LLC) is the main document regulating their activities. Also, the AoA contains…

Jan, 16 2020