Another amendments to civil and administrative court procedures by Supreme Court of Russia

Apr, 03 2018

Supreme Court of the Russian Federation prepared draft amendments to procedural legislation.

The amendments are basically as follows:

Cancellation of contractual jurisdiction

Only jurisdiction established by the law may be left in the Codes. However, contractual jurisdiction defined before amendments enter into force will have a legal force.


Only persons with higher legal education will be allowed to be attorneys in court.

The only exception will be representatives by act of law.


New limits for simplified proceedings will be provided:

In ordinary courts it will be equal to 500.000 rubles (instead of 100.000 rubles currently),

In commercial courts it will be equal to 1 million rubles for companies and 500.000 rubles for sole entrepreneurs (instead of 500.000 and 250.0000 rubles correspondingly).


It is worth noting that the first reading of the draft law has been scheduled for April 2018.