Accounting setup services

Jun, 01 2020

Accurate setup and maintenance of accounting helps not only to avoid claims from the regulatory authorities. It also helps owners and company executives to make the right decisions, pay more attention to solving strategic problems, without being distracted by the routine. Professional accounting protects against unnecessary risks and fines.

VALEN will undertake the accounting process, and you will always be sure that the reports are submitted on time, the papers are filled in correctly, and all business transactions are accurately reflected in the statements. We will help to organize the documents, conduct evaluation of accounting and correct errors. We can also organize accounting from the scratch.

Setting up accounting from scratch is necessary for companies that have been recently registered. Legislation requires to start accounting as soon as the company appears in the state registry. The general director of the company is responsible for this process.

The purpose of setting up accounting is the effective work of organization and its financial department. Also, this service is designed to help with the choice of a tax system, the development of accounting and personnel policies. Starting work, each company is obliged to develop legally correct internal documents, determine the optimal accounting system and form a document management system.

Stages of accounting

  • Analysis of legal structure of a company and its areas of activity.
  • Preliminary estimate of turnover.
  • Calculation of tax burden.
  • Selection of a tax system.
  • Creation of accounting policies.
  • Development of a chart of accounts and their adaptation to a specific company.
  • Choice of register forms.
  • Development of employment contracts and job descriptions.
  • Drawing up a workflow chart and a schedule for its implementation.

Accounting may be necessary not only at the stage of company registration, but also after reorganization or other changes in the structure. This leads to the fact that managers have to revise and adjust certain areas of company accounting or switch to a new automation system.

VALEN specialists will help you with the following:

  • Setting up accounting in accordance with the legal requirements, so you avoid mistakes and violations.
  • Organize proper work of accounting department, as well as effective system of its interaction with the company management.
  • The accounting system, which will become the basis for effective financial planning, control and management.

We provide an individual approach to each task set by the client. You pay only for the provided services therefore you always know what results the support of our specialists brings. Entrusting accounting to VALEN professionals, you will be able to develop a stable and competitive business, stop dealing with accounting staff turnover issues, vacations, maternity and sick leaves.

VALEN company maintains outsourced accounting for enterprises of various forms of management. We are setting up accounting from scratch and adjust existing systems. VALEN specialists have many years of experience in accounting in outsourcing. Our accountants will put in order the current documentation, submit all the necessary reports to the regulatory authorities in time.

To get a consultation or order accounting services, leave a request on the website or dial: +7 (495) 7-888-096. We are also waiting for you at the VALEN office in Moscow.

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Accounting setup services
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