The main goal of any business is to make profit. Proper tax planning can help achieve a reduction in the payment of tax and ensure revenue growth, increasing the investment attractiveness of the company.

The most obvious options for reducing tax costs are the use of special tax regimes, tax credits and deductions. In some cases, it is possible to achieve cost reductions by changing the method for calculating depreciation, writing-off goods and entering receipts and expenditures.

Tax planning is a very complex and time-consuming process that requires a detailed analysis of tax law, the business structure and possible risks.

VALEN provides a wide range of consulting services in the field of tax planning, in particular:

  • Consultations on the application of tax legislation;
  • Analysis of the tax burden of the company;
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of existing company tax systems;
  • Consultations on the application of tax benefits and deductions;
  • Development and implementation of a sustainable taxation strategy;
  • Identification of tax risks and the creation of reserves to overcome them;
  • Development of tax optimization schemes in view of the specific activities of the client’s company.

VALEN can help with tax planning by optimizing your taxes and reducing costs without exposing your business to any risks or possible fines.