Every company which operates in the Russian Federation is obliged to have a bank account. A bank account is required to complete deals, pay taxes and fees, receive loans, make payments to suppliers and customers, etc. Typically, companies open a bank account immediately after registration. 

To open a bank account the bank should be selected, the required documents prepared and a bank account contract signed. When choosing a bank particular attention should be paid to:

  • Reliability of the bank;
  • Service costs;
  • Severity of security check.

One of the most important stages in opening a bank account is the preparation of the required documents, as banks often refuse to open a bank account. The most common reasons for refusal are insufficient documents, missing documents confirming the powers of the CEO, lack of a legal entity at its location or location at an address that has been used “on mass”.

After submitting the required documents to the bank the potential customer is checked by the security service. The security check varies depending on the bank. In some cases, it goes completely unnoticed by the client but there are exceptions. For example, some banks require a personal meeting with the CEO before the account can be opened.

If the security check is successful, the account is opened. However, there are now many companies that do not pass the security check and are not able to open a bank account.

Our services

VALEN provides a full range of services related to opening bank accounts. We provide support at all stages of the procedure:

  • Consultations on all matters relating to the opening of a bank account;
  • Selection of a suitable bank;
  • Preparation and submission of the required documents to the bank.