When doing business every company sooner or later needs to amend its company documents. This can be a change to its charter, the inclusion of new company members, change of name, and others. Russian law requires that amendments made to the company documents of a business entity are registered.

In which cases do amendments need to be registered?

In accordance with legal requirements the following amendments should be registered:

  1. Change of name of a business entity;
  2. Change of legal address;
  3. Change of company participants;
  4. Change in the size of the authorized capital;
  5. Change of CEO;
  6. Change in the passport data of the CEO and/or participants;
  7. Change in the company activity;
  8. Other changes to the charter, the adoption of a new version of the charter.

How are amendments made to the company documents of a business entity?

The amendments procedure is almost identical for business entities of any organizational and legal form. A decision to make the amendments should be adopted, and then within 3 days it is necessary to prepare the required documents and submit them to the registering authority.

The procedure for making amendments and their subsequent registration is as follows:

  1. Adoption of decision to amend the company documents;
  2. Preparation of documents for the registering authority;
  3. Visit to a notary to certify the signature;
  4. Submission of documents to the registration authority;
  5. Receipt of the entry in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, copy of the charter with a mark from the registering authority, and in some cases, Taxpayer Identification certificate five days after submitting the documents.

What documents are required to register amendments?

  • Application for the state registration of amendments to company documents (the signature on the document must be notarized);
  • Minutes to amend the company documents;
  • Two copies of the text of the amendments or new version of company documents;
  • Receipt proving that the state fee has been paid.

What difficulties can arise when registering amendments to the company documents of a business entity?

The general procedure for registering amendments to the company documents of a business entity looks simple enough, but in spite of this, various difficulties can arise. The list of required documents may vary depending on the grounds for making the amendments, the contents of the company charter, and other factors. The improper preparation of documents may lead to the denial of registration of the amendments, and then to the violation of timeframes, for which a business entity may be fined.

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