Every foreign company which opens a business in Russia needs to organise a management team. Finding a good executive manager who can be fully trusted is a rather difficult and painstaking task that can drag on for months.

Of course, an existing employee of the foreign company can head the representative office or subsidiary. But in order to appoint a foreign citizen to the position of CEO, it is first necessary to issue a work permit. Depending on the procedure, this may take from 1 to 3 months, but the most important thing is that the company in which the foreign citizen will head must already have been established.

Currently you can make use of integrated administrative support services. Companies often use such a service when the management team is not able to deal with ongoing tasks.

 One form of administrative support is “interim management”. An interim manager is a temporary manager who is under contract with the owner of the business for a certain period of time to implement specific management tasks. The interim manager can carry out all the functions of the sole executive body and also help prepare all the necessary documents and conduct the CEO succession procedure.

 In addition these "specialists" are often engaged to complete specific jobs such as the reorganisation or liquidation of the company, business structuring or stuff reduction. The advantage of engaging an interim manager in such cases is the impartiality and professionalism that he or she provides.

Our services

VALEN provides a full range of administrative support services for businesses in Russia:

  • Provision of interim management services;
  • Coordination of client document workflow;
  • Documentation translation services from/into English, German and other languages;
  • Other administrative services within the competence of VALEN employees.