Before opening a company in Russia, it is prudent to conduct market analysis. This analysis will provide an assessment of the current situation on the market, draw up a complete picture of the specifics of doing business in a particular area and identify new promising areas and opportunities for further business growth.

The market analysis involves collating and analysing a wide range of data on the market, identifying the main market trends and the risks and challenges faced or potentially faced by companies.

Market research can be used to:

  • Determine the current state of the market and its main trends;
  • Identify the main competitors, analyse the competitive environment, determine the company’s market position;
  • Study consumer preferences and changing demand;
  • Assess the effectiveness of advertising and other marketing activities.

VALEN can provide you with expertly collated and analysed information and recommendations which will help you enter the market or expand your presence. In addition, our research can be used to identify the most promising areas of development, assess market potential, increase sales, and more.

With our extensive experience and wide network of business contacts, we can also help you to find potential business partners and distributors, minimising your risk exposure and expediting the process of entering the Russian market.

Our services

VALEN provides market research and potential partner/distributor search and selection services:

  • Brief analysis of the market with a description of the current situation;
  • Full market research with an analysis of trends, the competitive environment, demand analysis and other fundamental characteristics of the market;
  • Search and selection of reliable business partners and distributors.