Foreign companies are often faced with the problem of selecting the best legal form for their company in Russia. The choice of legal form depends on many factors: the financial means of the company, the business sector, specific requirements for the company activity (in particular, the need to obtain licenses or permits), investment attractiveness and more.

In this regard, some companies benefit from working through branches and representative offices, others register in Russia as limited liability or a joint stock companies, while yet others elect to work through a network of agencies.

So, the best legal form or model for a company should be determined before it enters the Russian market. A poorly chosen legal form prevents companies from efficiently conducting business, soundly managing structural units and entails significant tax risks. Changing the legal form of the organisation is possible only via a reorganisation procedure, which is not only difficult in itself, but also costly and time consuming.

Our services

VALEN offers a wide range of consulting services for foreign companies wishing to enter the Russian market and grow their business in Russia. Our services include:

  • Development of an optimal legal model on the Russian market;
  • Consultations on the most important issues regarding the application of Russian legislation;
  • Analysis of potential risks and recommendations for their prevention.