Our Services

Entering the Russian Market

We support all stages of market entry in Russia, from initial market research to the commencement of foreign companies’ operations.

Legal Services

We render complex legal support on all aspects of foreign business activities in Russia.

Corporate services

Corporate support includes basic registration procedures as well as more complex issues such as corporate structuring and deal support.


Our Company

VALEN is a law firm with specialization on consulting of international business.We consult on creation and execution of models for doing business in Russia. In addition to knowledge of Russian, international commercial and corporate law, we are also skilled in finance and that allows us to provide an integrated service in the Russian market.

Message from managing partner

The chief principle of VALEN is our special approach to the clients. When assisting clients in successfully implementing their projects, we always strive to attentively listen to them and be proactive. The majority of our clients are international companies and we are successful in combining a global approach with the specifics of doing business in Russia. The high quality of our work is shown by the recommendations and repeated requests of our clients.

Kind regards,
Valentina Khlavich


Voluntary liquidation of legal entity

Russian legislation provides a special procedure for the final termination of commercial activity, without transfer of rights and obligations. Each stage of legal entity’s termination is regulated by law. In case of law violation, the procedure may be delayed for a long time or come to a standstill, which is…

Non-judicial liquidation of a legal entity

The procedure for the termination of the company is regulated by law at each stage. Not only the owners of the company can dissolve a company: this process can also be initiated through a judicial proceeding. However, for any company, non-judicial liquidation of a legal entity is the best outcome,…

Administrative liquidation of a legal entity

Administrative liquidation of a legal entity is a multi-stage procedure that is performed by decision of a tax authority. It is regulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation, violation of which may lead to refusal on company’s termination. There is a large number of companies that have actually stopped…

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